Batman & Robin

Day two of Napowrimo. A poem I wrote a while ago, slightly rearranged.

Batman & Robin
Batman said to Robin, “Does my bum look big in this?”

“No, the tights look fine,” said Robin,
“But I have to tell you this,
That lycra top you’re wearing,
Enhances you man tits.”

“I’ll wrap my cape around me,”
Batman told his mate,
“I have to wear my lycra top,
Coz my leotard’s in a state,
My floral blouse clashes with my mask
And my boob tube is too tight,
So I’ll hide my tits inside my cloak,
I think it’ll look alright.”

“Whatever you want,” said Robin,
“Just decide and make it quick,
The bat signal is shining out,
And bat girl just called in sick.”

“I’m doing my best,” replied Batman
“Will you pass me my lippy please?
I can’t go out not looking my best
Now where did I put the keys?”

So whilst Batman and Robin searched high and low
For the Batmobile keys they’d mislaid
The Joker took over Gotham
And that’s the end of this tale I’m afraid.

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